Joe Wilkins | Software Engineer

Interactive Hologram



    9 Yards

  • ROLE
    Unity/C#/SQL development


During research and development time at 9 Yards, we came up with a prototype for an interactive application which allowed viewers to use gesture to manipulate 3D models on a DreamOC Hologram unit. After seeing our initial prototype, Megaman UK commissioned us to develop the concept further.


Building upon the client's interest in a our prototype, we developed a full hardware and software solution which incorporated a DreamOC Hologram unit, OEM touchscreen, a Leap Motion controller and PC to create a interactive application in a portable cabinet that could be used both within the Megaman UK training academy, and at the trade shows at which they exhibited.

Using the application users can browse various lamps within the Megaman UK range of products, based on different usage categories, and then select each lamp individually to view further details as well as an interactive hologram which can then be manipulated through gesture.

The application was developed in C# within the Unity development platform and featured life like materials and shaders on each of the lamps. A detailed write up of this project can be found in this blog post:, where I also go into further details about some of the technical challenges that we faced in creating content for a holographic display.

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